Studio Cruise

The Bemidji – First City of Arts Studio Cruise is a self-guided tour of the studios of artists working within a 40 mile radius of Bemidji that is free and open to the public.  Over the course of three days the public is invited to visit participating artists in their creative space.

Join us for the  7th Annual Bemidji– First City of Art Studio Cruise 2014
Studio Cruise Dates are October 17,18, & 19 – 2014 (MEA weekend).

October 17, 18  (10 AM to 5 PM) and October 19 (10 AM to 3 PM)

The goals for this event are three-fold:

1) Promotion – To promote Bemidji and the surrounding area as a destination for the arts by highlighting the diverse community of artists residing in the region.

2) Education – To allow the public to visit artists in their working environment, witness the creative process, interface with the artist and enhance their understanding of what goes into such work.   We also expect that such interaction with the public will serve to enhance the artist’s understanding of the public’s perception of their work.

3) Economic Stimulus – To offer artists a greater level of exposure to potential patrons for their artwork and to add to the economic diversity of the region as well.

Organizing Committee:   The organization, planning and execution of the Studio Cruise are the responsibility of a group of interested un-paid volunteers formed as a Steering Committee.   This committee is comprised of representatives of the Bemidji Community Arts Center, VisitBemidji and interested artists.

The Event: This is an opportunity for artists to invite the public into their studios and showcase their art and craft.  This interaction serves to strengthen the public’s awareness of the creative process while providing the artist an opportunity to learn first hand the public’s perception of their work as well as the potential for direct sales and commissions and to raise the public’s awareness of the dynamic art scene in the Bemidji Area.

Artists: If you are an artist  and are interested in participating in this years Studio Cruise you must have a studio within a 40 mile radius of Bemidji, Minnesota.  Deadline for all applications is postmark by April 15, 2015.