Speak! Listen! Judge!

No prior experience necessary. Wednesday December 4 at 6pm. No entry fee.

Doors open and food (special menu) and drink will be available at 5:30.
No experience is necessary. Poets can sign up in advance at Watermark Art Center (218-444-7570), or at Red Stu starting at 5:30. Poets advance through three rounds of readings, the top scorers of each round advancing to the next. Poets should prepare three pieces of original work, each reading no longer than three minutes. Penalties are assessed for going overtime.

Poets will compete for prize money – $100 going to the winner, $75 and $50 going to the 2nd and third place competitors. AND those making it to round two but do not advance to the final round will receive a $20 consolation prize.

Also! Former competitor, Sonny Johnson will play short sets before, at intermission, and after the Slam concludes . . . and has agreed to be one of the guest judges! Judges are selected from the audience and score each reader on a 1-10 scale.

We’re accepting small donations (our grant $$ ran out with the last Slam) to fund the Super SLAM prizes.

Admission is free and audience members are encouraged to participate (loudly and with enthusiasm), cheering or jeering not only the poets, but the judges, too.