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It’s Only Clay 2024 Prospectus and Application

• All work must be functional ceramics.
• Submitted works must be original and produced after January 2023.
• All entries must value $900 or less. NFS must be marked as such on jury application.
• Accepted works that differ from the juried image will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS!
• $10 FEE for each item submitted up to 4 maximum
• If accepted, art must be prepared and ready for install/hanging.
• No accepted entry may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibit.

• September 1 - Applications Due
• September 28 - Jury completion
• September 30 acceptance email notification sent to artists
• September 30 to October 25 - Delivery of work to Watermark Art Center
• November 1 - Exhibit Opening, Reception & Awards - 5 to 7pm - Kaul Gallery Watermark Art Center
• November 1 - December 23 – Exhibit
• November 2 - Saturday Workshop TBA
• Dec 31, 2024 payments made to artists
• Jan 6, 2025- Begin return of works and artist pick up

First Place: $1,300.00
Second Place: $1000.00
Third Place: $500.00

Purchase awards for the full value of work will be made by the Bemidji State University Department of Technology Art & Design. These works will be included in the Margaret Harlow Vessel Collection, a permanent functional ceramics collection at Bemidji State University. Awards will be announced at the November opening reception and be posted online by midnight, CST.

Submissions are only accepted using this online application; do not send or submit an application in person, via email or regular mail. Contact Lisa Seter at lseter@watermarkartcenter or 218-444-7570 if you have problems or questions regarding the submission process.

Artists may submit up to four items. Please refrain from submitting multiple applications because a single application can accept up to four items. This application will accept images each with a maximum size of 10MB. Clear, high quality photos with plain or solid color/black/white backgrounds are best. We advise you to check your photos on different devices with laptop-sized screens or larger.

Accepted image file types are jpg, jpeg, and png. Please convert HEIC file types to an accepted file type.

IMPORTANT! As judging is blind, do not include any additional information about you or your piece that is not requested. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

A 50% commission will be retained for all works being sold by the Watermark Art Center and artist retail prices should reflect this commission. Indicate NFS for works not for sale (we will still need a value for insurance purposes). You will be notified of any sales at the end of exhibit with payment made on or before December 31st, 2024.

• Work may be hand delivered or shipped in sturdy, reusable cardboard cartons.
• All artwork is shipped to and from the Watermark at the artist's expense.
• All artwork shipped must be double-boxed with label on interior box to include: image of work sent, title, artist name and address.
• All artwork must be clearly labeled with the title of the work and artist’s name.
• Please include adequate postage or shipping label for return of your work.

All reasonable care will be exercised with original work and work sample images. However, the hosting organizations /or individuals assume no responsibility and shall not be held liable for damages of any kind which may occur while work is in transit. Upon acceptance, the sponsors retain the right to reproduce images, regardless of copyright, for promotional or educational purposes. Images may be placed on the Watermark website.

IOC 2024 a collaboration with Bemidji State University Department of Technology Art & Design and the BSU Foundation.