A Special Light

Beautiful one

as you descend from the tears of your grandmother

and stumble through

your mother’s fog

remember the light inside you.

It is always there.



I remember a walk by the water

seeing your weary spirit held up by awkward bones

of a youth being sacrificed to

a history repeating itself.

I was helpless in the knowing

all I could do was temporary-

encouraging you to hold on to your heart

as you struggled to be

what your brothers needed

more than you struggled to save yourself.

As we walked

you talked about your burdens

and accepted your destiny.



We would both find redemption

in a yard sale find – a porcelain figurine

that you would put

on Uncle’s new grave to thank him

for coming to find you the so many times

your mother wandered

into short term hope

and forgot everyone else.



You have been shaped by the years

of making peace, healing, and now another war.

Remember your light

that no storm can erase

and rage cannot steal through violence

or the absence

of what should have been.



Do not let your body numb from the battle

forsake the dreams

your ancestors manifested

as you

being the love- feeding your babies

all the possibilities of changing history


guided by your beautiful light.


(For sweet S)



River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
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