In Bemidji 2023 Spring Edition (Pioneer) highlights Watermark
What does it take to put together an exhibit? Watermark was featured in the Bemidji Pioneer spring edition of "In Bemidji"

Watermark has four galleries featuring rotating exhibits.

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Marley & Sandy Kaul Gallery

Berthold Exhibit

The Marley & Sandy Kaul Gallery is Watermark’s largest gallery. Named after award-winning Bemidji painter Marley Kaul and his wife, Sandy, a prominent arts leader in the region, the gallery boasts nearly 2,000 square feet. Floor-to-ceiling windows on three exterior walls allow visitors a magnificent view of Lake Bemidji while providing nearby traffic a wide view inside the gallery, as well.

The space is perfect for both 2-D and 3-D exhibits, often hosting a combination of multiple exhibits and/or mediums.

Marley Kaul photo

Remembering Marley

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to artist, and friend, Marley Kaul.

Our world is a little less bright, a little less colorful and a little bit quieter now that you are gone.  Thank you for sharing your passion, imagination and artwork.  Thank you for telling us stories and sharing your inspiration in such a beautiful and quiet way.

You are inextricably linked to the fabric of our community.  As an artist and community member, you have added to the richness of our life and for that we are so grateful. 

To Sandy, Stephen, Christine, Allison, Chris, Isabella, Julia, Amber, Wiley, Nathan and Lily we send our love and comfort and hope that time will help to ease the pain of your loss.

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Miikanan Gallery

Miikanan GalleryWatermark’s Miikanan Gallery (Many Paths) is a permanent space to exhibit and promote Indigenous art in the region. It exhibits a variety of traditional and contemporary artwork created by Native American artists, providing ongoing exhibitions, retail opportunities and educational events for the region.

The name Miikanan, meaning ‘many paths’, reflects the physical location and historical importance of the region to Ojibwe people. Bemidji is located in the center of three reservations – Red Lake, Leech Lake and White Earth – making it the ideal location for a spot dedicated to Indigenous art activities.

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Miikanan programming is supported, in part, by these organizations:

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Bemidji State University Harlow | Kleven Gallery

Harlow-Kleven GalleryThe BSU Harlow | Kleven Gallery is a space run by Bemidji State University to showcase their two art collections begun by alumna in the 1970s.

The Margaret H. Harlow Ceramics Teaching Collection currently includes more than 400 pieces, with international work by professional ceramics artists from all eras, including a terra cotta piece produced in Turkey that dates to the first century A.D.

The Lillie M. Kleven Print Collection includes more than 800 pieces, with pieces produced using a variety of techniques including woodblock, Lino cuts, serigraphs and lithographs, among others. It includes work by world-renowned printmakers, including Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

BSU provides rotating exhibits featuring work exclusively from these two prominent collections in their Harlow | Kleven Gallery at Watermark Art Center.

Lakeview Gallery

Lakeview GalleryLakeview Gallery, named in honor of William & Patricia Kelly, is the initial space guests see upon entering Watermark. The wide, high-ceiling hallway creates a gateway leading to Watermark’s other galleries, culminating in a majestic view of Lake Bemidji, which can be seen from anywhere in the gallery. With over 800 square feet of exhibit space, the Lakeview can be filled with a single exhibit, or be divided into multiple shows and provide overflow space from the other galleries.