karen-cropped“The Miikanan Gallery is part of a commitment to honor the creative diversity of the region. Located in between three of our Ojibwe reservations, Bemidji is an ideal location for a much needed space dedicated to Indigenous art activities. A committed group of people, both Native and non-Native, met for three years to develop the purpose and foundation values for this gallery. We are looking for artists of all creative expressions to sign up for our contact list. We are still working to complete our capital campaign and will be seeking support from Indigenous artists who will be recognized on our artist circle donors’ wall. Please join us in this important development that will help to enrich and transform the creative landscape of our region.”

Karen E. Goulet
White Earth Ojibwe Nation
Program Director – Miikanan Gallery

Ongoing work is underway to develop partnerships and cultivate relationships with area Native American artists. If you are interested in joining our contact list as a supporter or artist, please mail this registry form or contact Karen Goulet at 218-444-7570

Miikanan Gallery Banner

Miikanan Gallery Banner by Sarah McRae, Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indian

The foundation of the Miikanan Gallery was developed by a talented group of hardworking individuals who make up our advisory committee. The committee began meeting in 2013 to develop the purpose and foundation goals for the gallery. They continue to work toward its implementation and ongoing success.

Although the Miikanan Gallery officially opened December 2017, it exhibited and/or sponsored art from several Indigenous artists in the years leading up to the opening.

Below is some of the previous work we have shown.

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