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Looking for a place to showcase your work? We’d love to hear from you! Watermark accepts applications for exhibitions year round. Applications and portfolios are reviewed at the discretion of the Exhibition Committee.

Please read through these FAQs, then download our exhibition application!


Who is eligible for an exhibition at the Watermark?
All artists over 18 years old who are not working under academic supervision can apply for their own exhibition.

Who decides which artist and which works get exhibited?

  • The Watermark board has an exhibition committee that reviews portfolios and chooses artists for exhibition.
  • The executive director reserves the right to refuse to exhibit individual works if the work is deemed to be unacceptable because of subject, improper hanging device, poor craft or plagiarism.

How do I apply for an exhibition?
Artists requesting an exhibit with the Watermark are required to submit:

  • 10 to 20 images on USB thumb drive, SD Card, CD, DVD, or similar with images in .jpg format, image size 200dpi or greater. These will not be returned. DO NOT SEND print photographs or artwork.
  • A list of images with titles, sizes (height and width), media used, and date created.
  • A one to two page resume with exhibit history.
  • A one paragraph bio.
  • An artist statement.
  • A one-paragraph proposal stating theme, media, number of works, gallery preference, and any special installation requirements.

Will Watermark pay for shipping and insurance?
No, artists are responsible for their own shipping to and from the art center.

Who will provide promotional materials?
Watermark Art Center promotes programming, exhibits, and our gift gallery with various styles of mailout materials. In addition to social media and our website, we also promote our exhibits via local media, newspapers, public television, and radio. When ever possible, we want to promote exhibits with taped or live presentations which include the artist.

Who will provide the opening reception?
Watermark Art Center hosts the opening reception and provides food and light refreshment. Food is also generously donated by Marketplace Foods of Bemidji. Artists may choose to add to the reception. Please be advised that all gatherings, such as opening receptions, have been discontinued until further notice due to state and local COVID related advisement.

Can I sell my work?
Yes, Watermark Art Center will encourage sales of your work. The Watermark receives commissions from artwork sold in our center.