Prospectus of Rules and Guidelines:  Artists interested in applying to the Studio Cruise must read, understand and agree to all aspects of the policies, procedures and guidelines outlined in this prospectus and as may be determined by the Steering Committee during the course of planning for the event.

Artist Requirements and Application – The two part application process is comprised of:

  • A  jury evaluation and scoring of the applicant’s work and if found to be qualified
  • A studio visit by a member of the Steering Committee to verify it for suitability.

Artist Application Process:  Artist applications are available via the link at the end of this prospectus.

Fees:  Applicants to the Studio Cruise are subject to a non-refundable jury fee of $10 with one check and a participant’s fee of $1oo or $110 on a separate check. The participant fee check will be returned to the applicant if they are not accepted to participate.

Images:  Applicants are required to submit 5 digital jpg images representative of their work and to provide a brief description of the work shown. In addition, a brief description of the creative process used, aids the jury in their determination.

Sales Tax:  As required by the State of Minnesota, each applicant must include a completed ST-19 sales tax document which will be retained by the event Steering Committee. If an applicant does not have a sales tax number it can be obtained on-line at:

Insurance:  Successful applicants are required to provide the Steering Committee with proof of their liability insurance policy to cover the public visiting the studio space during the event. This requirement is for the mutual protection of the artist and the public.

Guest Artist/Host Studio Opportunity:  Artists who create artwork within a 40 mile radius of Bemidji, but may not have a studio accessible to visitors in which to show and demonstrate their process, can apply to be a Guest Artist at a qualifying Host Studio location.  Please note that ALL artists must successfully meet all jury and monetary qualifications and eligibility requirements established for participating in the Cruise. This opportunity is limited to have a maximum of three artists total at any one studio location. Fees include a $10 non-refundable jury fee and $100/$110 artist participation fee.


Accuracy in Information:  The accuracy of the brochure and map is an important marketing piece and key to the success of our event. As a participant in the Cruise, each artist in personally responsible for reviewing and signing off on their respective studio information once the brochure proof is available. The brochure will not go to press until all participating artists have done so, artists who do not comply by the deadline specified will be excluded from the Cruise.

Studio Hours: As the public conducts their own tour of the studios that may interest them, participating artists are required to have their studio open to visitors during the hours that are established and advertised for the event. In the event of illness or emergency that would necessitate not being able to open, the participating artist is responsible for contacting a member of the Steering Committee.

Signage:  Studio Cruise Artists are responsible for picking up their signs prior to the event, the placement of signs during the event and the return of all signs after the event as communicated by the Steering Committee. For more information about signage go to FAQ link found at the bottom of this page.

Demonstration Requirement:  As the Studio Cruise is intended to provide the visiting public with more than simply a ‘gallery experience’ all participating artists are expected to demonstrate their creative process each day of the event.

While that does not mean that such demonstrations must be ‘full time’ they should be of a frequency that would provide the greatest number of visitors an opportunity to view and discuss the activity with the artist.

Feedback of visitors in past years has indicated that they do desire to see more demonstrations of the creative process by the artists.

If the artist anticipates selling work  it is recommended that the artist consider having assistance during the Cruise, in order to allow the transaction to be completed while still allowing the artist to interact with visitors.  While not required, a number of our artists have indicated that such an arrangement is helpful.

Application Form

Jury Guidelines and Process

FAQ for the Cruise