Restorative Loops – Kristen Anderson, Visual Fiber Artist

Exhibit & Online Image Gallery February 17 – May 1, 2021: Years of witnessing plants and animals adapt to phenological changes and seasonal cycles, certain elements have surfaced to intertwine with visual fiber artist Kirsten Anderson’s life. Her wool-felted tapestries are an exploration of these relationships their circles of connection and reciprocity.

Mashkawiziiwag Exhibit Quality Prints

Call or visit Watermark to order prints from Mashkawiziiwag! All photographs were taken in 2020: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women DemonstrationsAmerican Indian Movement RalliesBlack Lives Matter ProtestsPortraits Artist’s Exhibit page → If you call, be prepared with the name of your print and the size you will order. Watermark: 218-444-7570 Please pay for prints when