Aabijijiwan – It Flows Continuously

EXHIBIT MAY 13 – AUGUST 17. RECEPTION MAY 15 – This exhibit is the culmination of two and a half years of artistic and scientific collaboration between two artists from opposite ends of the Misi Ziibi (Mississippi River). The multimedia works have also been interwoven in time to represent the artists personal histories as well as those of Indigenous peoples who have lived on the banks of the river since time immemorial. This exhibit is about giving voice through art to the untold stories that connect us to this waterway.

The Human Journey: Works by Joachim Berthold

RECEPTION MAY 6. EXHIBIT MAY 6 – AUGUST 13. The Human Journey reflects artist Joachim Berthold’s lifelong desire to evolve and improve as an individual in order to create a better society. His work presents a story of connection using the human form reflected in relationships as they are created when a community comes together with strength and purpose for good. It is a story of humankind and community.