Bird detail on leather bag-Tom Stillday

“Wezhichigewaad” – Tom Stillday & Vincent Morris, Beadwork

Exhibit: March 6 – May 30, 2020. Opening Reception: March 6, 5 – 7pm Artists Talk: 6pm March 6, 2020 “Wezhichigewaad” an Ojibwe word, means “makers” in English. “We are so honored to exhibit recent works by Thomas Stillday and Vincent Morris. These master beading artists have been involved with their art practice for most

Blair Treuer Self Portrait

Portraits – Blair Treuer, Textile Artist

Exhibit January 10 – March 28, 2020. “I am a storyteller who paints with fabric and draws with thread.” –
An image comes to me first. I feel inspiration channeling through me faster than my fingers can move. When the piece is finished, I ask myself…What does this mean? What was this meant to communicate to me?  The decisions I make are not what will the image be, I feel like that is instead decided for me. So the decisions I make are on how to best recreate the image in my head. It’s not until the end that I ask myself, now what does this mean?

Iskode (fire)

Akinomaage – Vern Northrup Visual Storyteller

December 6 – February 28, 2020. Using only the camera on his smart phone, Northrup captures the setting of where he grew up, creating a nostalgia for those familiar with the area, and a curiosity for those who aren’t. He uses photography as a tool to educate both himself and the viewer about the rhythm of nature, the preservation of tradition, and the relationship between resilience and sustainability.