Descendants and Dreamers


The sky 

is ever bound 

to witness the way humans ignite 

like fire

creating beauty and chaos- 

destined to ashes and memory

that will fill the heavens

and hell

of their own



Stars know

the way I look at you

from inside – the shadows of the moon

winding radiance

through branches and blossoms-

sending my thoughts

to wander

along forgotten moments

of holding promise too close  

as I stumbled against the edge of a heart

touched by

the unexpected.


Fill my grandmother’s loss-

fill my grandfather’s hunger – fill my mother’s heart –

fill my uncle’s despair – fill my child’s hope –

fill me with more

than the pain – rage 

and emptiness  


in a horizon 

I did not predict.


Unbind the silence

bend the future – reshape memory

to include the whispers of hope

that were found

along the corridors

of midnight

and dreams.


How am I to explain what the unspoken remembers?


Destiny is a hunger 

  causing worlds to merge

collide and retract-

always making room for ancient dreams

and the burdens of loss

carried like the heavy stones they have become-


hearts will search for their future  

as spirits kindled by iridescent wisdom

create new stories 

in a language 

familiar to possibility 

and touch.








River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
Artist Bio & Statement


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