Gaa-miinigowiziyang pronounced (Ojibwe speaker Nyleta Belgarde):

Gaa-miinigowiziyang “What We were Given”

Manidoo Ogitigaan Native Artists & Allies

Exhibit opens December 8 – Feb 18, 2023
Opening Reception TBA January 2023

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Manidoo Ogitigaan is a Native grassroots organization based in Bemidji, Minnesota with connections spanning throughout the United States and Canada. Together with the Great Lakes Lifeways Institute based out of Michigan and Obaashing University, they teach each other and relearn land based life skills that include; birch bark canoe building, basketry, woodworking, and weaving.  Manidoo Ogitigaan and Great Lakes Lifeways Institute work together to revitalize art forms and cultural knowledge in a meaningful way while bridging gaps and building lasting relationships to rebuild a cultural legacy for seven generations to come.

Cedar Bark Mat weaving
Cedar Bark Mat weaving

Our exhibit features the artwork of community members from various backgrounds who have attended our workshops and participated in our Artist Collective. It is always our goal to gather materials in a manner akin to the original inhabitants of the land. We process materials in a way that is not harmful to the land with the mindset of protecting the land and its resources for generations to come. 

“We are honored to build relationships with Indigenous people throughout Turtle Island and respect our relationship with the land and people from many walks of life who are connected to Anishinaabe communities through personal and meaningful relationships.”

– Manidoo Ogitigaan

This exhibit was made possible in part by the Blandin Foundation and the McKnight Foundation.

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