Lakeview Gallery

Lakeview Gallery is the initial gallery guests see upon entering Watermark. The wide, high-ceiling hallway creates a gateway leading to Watermark’s other galleries, culminating in a majestic view of Lake Bemidji, which can be seen from anywhere in the gallery.


Musings, Messengers and Monoprints by Terry Garrett

A collection of monoprints using vintage photos and Life magazine images from the 1940s and 50s, as well as photos of convicts from early 1900s England.

Artist Statement
Terry Garrett

This new body of work represents a shift for me. Printmaking has always been an interest of mine and I focused on printmaking in my undergraduate studies. However, because I didn’t have a press or an appropriate studio space in which to use oil-based inks, I stopped making prints. Recently, I discovered a way to use acrylic paint to make monoprints; water vs. solvent clean up and no mechanical printing press required. I am delighted to be printing again. The monoprint process is so exciting to me as one can never really control the outcome. I have found this to be very artistically freeing.

The musings part of this show is really about stories. I work with collage to tell stories. It is my hope that the viewer will make up their own stories as these collages deal with some basic themes. I use vintage photographs in the newer work and there are other pieces that I use imagery from Life magazine advertisements from the 1940s and 50s.

The messenger part of the show is about a group of photographs a friend found of convicts from England in early 1900s. They were holding this framed chalk board with their crime written on it. A public shaming, I guess. So I thought I would turn it around and make them messengers of love showing us their stories.

The other collages in this show are different from the monoprinted background pieces. Like the other collages, these are narrative in nature. The backgrounds for these are altered photographs of mine.

Thank you for taking the time to view the work.