Greater Horizons


These pieces reflect on history and current events, with an understanding there is perpetual motion in the universe. All are reflecting on destiny, horizons, and inevitable change.  There is a human story that inspired each piece. They are an honoring of significant achievement and how good Ojibwekwe energy makes the world better.


The Sound the Stars Make is dedicated to   Bamewawagezhikaquay, which translates as Woman of the Sound that Stars Make Rushing through the Sky -aka Jane Schoolcraft (1800-1842). She was the first Native American literary author who was barely remembered by history for her essential contributions to her husband Henry Schoolcraft’s success as an explorer of Misi-ziibi and his writings about the events. She was a force who is just now being recognized for her gifts.

Along with Monique Verdin, I just finished a month-long Big River Take Over of the Weisman Art Museum Instagram.  We explored and explained our view from each end of the Mississippi, every day for a month. This was my final piece for that event.


Making Our Own Horizons was about the Misi-ziibi landscapes east of here and a dedication piece to my friend and colleague Tuleah Palmer who works diligently for the improvement of our Ojibwe communities and people who are oppressed. We have worked hard to bring more resources and opportunity to Indigenous artists. She is moving to another horizon of opportunity that will broaden her reach and impact in her endeavors.


May’s Sweetest Notes is about the changing days of May. I have several friends who have greeted new spirits coming into this world during a turbulent and unpredictable time. They are strong, bringing love and possibility to people I care about. This piece made itself.


River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
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