Watermark Art Center and the Bemidji State University Department of Technology Art and Design announce the 12th annual It’s Only Clay National Juried Ceramics Competition and Exhibition.

This annual national juried ceramics competition and exhibition is a collaboration sponsored by Watermark and Bemidji State University.  IOC 2014 features a workshops and a juried exhibition of functional ceramics at the Watermark Art Center selected by artist and potter Karin Kraemer.  Previous jurors include: Andrea Leila Denecke,  Guillermo Cueller,  Simon Levin, Richard Bresnahan, Linda Christianson, Jeff Oestreich, Robert Briscoe, Bill Gossman and Bob and Cheryl Husby.

2014 Juror – Karin Kraemer

Bee Bowl 9.75"x3.5"

Bee Bowl

“I grew up in Minneapolis and received  my BFA in glass working from St. Cloud State University in 1986.  After blowing glass in Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin, I moved to West Virginia, where I began to make clay work and pit firing it in my yard, and was hooked.  I moved to Carbondale, Illinois and did graduate work in Ceramics, there.  I received my MFA in 1996, moved to Victoria, British Columbia and spent two years making pots, gardening and traveling. Duluth became my new home in 1998. I teach at local colleges, and my studio, the Duluth Pottery, as well as selling work in galleries and at art fairs.”

Carrot Teapot 9"x5"x6"

Carrot Teapot

“For my own work, I enjoy working in pottery and tile, because they bring art to the table and every day use.  Clay is a great medium for expression.  I love that my pots exist in history and can reflect our culture.”

“My work is Maiolica, an in-glaze hand painted tin glaze technique. I make functional pots and tiles that are meant to celebrate the day.   My individual wall pieces and compositions of tiles are hand built and decorated with colorful, loose brushwork.”

“I draw from every day scenes and objects for my imagery.  Capturing the color and movement of the moment is my aim…the flowers in my garden trembling in a slight breeze and the sun glowing through them, or the light coming in the window and lighting the room.  I use color and botanical imagery to draw the user in adding to the meal, the company, and the food that nourishes us.”         Karin Kraemer


The IOC 2014 exhibit is a juried competition focusing on, and dedicated to, functional ceramics. Selected works will be a part of the exhibit at the Watermark Art Center from November 7th to December 21=0th, 2014.  The opening reception will be on Friday, Nov. 7th , from 5 to 7 pm with a brief talk and announcement of awards by Juror, Karin Kraemer and  BSU Professor Butch Holden –  Prize money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners equaling $1,600.00 and additional purchase awards for work going towards the Margaret Harlow Vessel Collection at BSU.

  • Guidelines: for submissions are outlined in the IOC – 2014 Prospectus
  • Deadline for submissions: all IOC 2014 Exhibit Applications  must be complete and postmarked September 12th, 2014.
  • Application fee: $30.00 for 3 entries.
  • Exhibition Dates: November 7th through December 20th, 2014.
  • Opening Reception and Awards: November 7th from 5 to 7 pm, awards announced at 6pm.

Awards  In 2014 there will be prize money for 1st place $800.00, 2nd place $500.00 and 3rd place $300.00 plus additional purchase awards will be made with work going towards the Margaret Harlow Vessel Collection at BSU.

For the complete list of guidelines and to apply go to our 2014 IOC Prospectus and the 2014 Application with links provided above.