← Back to My Misi-ziibi Detour Karen Goulet I am a multi-media artist whose work is informed by the people who inspire me and places that define me. I see my work as an artist to be a tributary of a larger body of living breathing creative spirit. I come and go as I move between various medias of expressing what I dream and remember, while documenting what I witness from a place of needing to make. I consider myself a cultural hybrid – from Ojibwe, Métis, Saami/Finn people. My family are makers – people who create and grow things. They are intellectuals who reflect and look for the meaning found in our natural world. We both agree and differ in our approaches to life and we love each other as best we can. My art reflects on histories and relationships that have been made by journeys, evolving cultures, and the fierce will to survive. Water is ever present in the stories I have and the history I am from. The waterways of the Northwoods have been the lifeline of my family and culture. To have this opportunity to create work that honors water, through reflecting and research of this Great River, is something I am eager and honored to do. -Karen Goulet
River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
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