Spring Birds Donmar Studio

Don Knudson

Don Knudson

Don Knudson and Marlon Davidson collaborations began after a summer trip to the south shore of Lake Superior. The artists had spent a day on the beach picking up small pieces of driftwood, feathers, and stones.

They carried the items back to their studio then at Hand Lake. Don had been constructing a box-like wall sculpture with doors that opened a little like those on a church. The inside was empty. Without a lot of forethought, Marlon began to lay some of the found objects from the beach into the box. Their relationship, both as artists and as life partners, spans over 50 years.

Marlon Davidson

Marlon Davidson

They now operate Donmar Studio out of their home in Bemidji.

DonMar Studio is a regular contributor to Shop 505’s gift gallery.

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