Looking for America
-Paula Swenson

Opening: February 7 – April 25, 2020 (extended)
Opening Reception: February 7, 5 – 7pm
Artist Introduction: February 7 at 6pm

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Paula SwensonThe works presented in “Looking for America” are a collection of paintings inspired by Swenson’s observations as she traveled across the United States of America.

“As an artist I explore and interpret ideas, emotions and experiences. A multilayered artwork can create a dialogue between the artist and the viewer and can be enjoyed on many levels. I look for the essential element or elements of a subject and find visual symbols for these elements and create a narrative. Some symbols are obvious universal symbols, some are personal symbols that I hope speak to the universal psyche, and many introduce themselves intuitively and can only be understood on an emotional level.

“Artwork is a process of inspiration, meditation, investigation, creation, interpretation and intuition. Mystery is essential to art and to life, it is what keeps us questioning and questing.”

-Paula Swenson

This activity is made possible, in part by a Region 2 Arts Council Artist Fellowship Award with funding from the McKnight Foundation.