Love Bytes aka An Amalgam of Time 



I am the whisper

of knowing

wrapped around stones

you have tossed carelessly

to skim across the water-

unconcerned about their destiny

as they sink

helplessly into the deep.





slipped over

the curve of your palms

inscribing her wisdom

in sharp tongued strokes.

She left her language


in the memory

of your touch.




I recall the cries 

of a baby

upstairs in the complex

where I lived years ago-

now becoming the sharp rattle sounds

of my heart letting go of you.

It is strange how audibly the same

some things are.




You and I

go back a thousand oceans

and I am drowning in them all-

lost in the waves

of forever

told more than one way-

more than one time.




That story I told you 

I wish it was the only story

or the worst story

but it was just one story.

The things you saw in me

are simply reflections

of what I have survived.

Will this change anything at all?




I remember

the fragrance of our love-

it was the steam from a fire


under a sky

just beginning to rain.

Its smoldered demise

would  linger at the back of my want

for years 

beyond our love.




Even now

your touch has not

abandoned me.

Gathered from flesh

and memories

stored deep in interior

of my winter

clutching tight to old roots-

waiting to be dug up

and chewed on

when there is nothing

else to find.
























River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
Artist Bio & Statement


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