March 28

Photographs are my way to remember like visual notes intended to inform the artwork I make.  I have a camera with me at all times in case I see something magical or intriguing. I almost never plan trips to photograph but save thousands of images to root through. My artistic process includes photographs to see in a new way whether it is colors, shadow, light, shape, or texture. This realization has made me understand how I view the world and the things that are in it. Not necessarily as an object to document, but elements working collectively to share themselves to anyone paying attention. I will spend a lot of time sorting and reviewing to see what caught my eye and demanded a detour on a journey.

Sometimes I take a photo that captures a moment just the way the moment wanted to be seen. Once in a while I am very happy with what results bringing tendrils of ideas together in more formulated ways. This leads me to make work that responds to photographs.

This first photograph was taken looking over Lake Bemidji just behind the flashing Christmas tree. I was drawn to the vibrant colors of the sunrise and this image was one of those lucky shots. 

The other work recalls countless sunsets over White Earth area lakes and the nearby prairie. These can be quite dramatic, demanding one stop and observe the importance of the moment. This piece took many years to complete because of my process which will be explained at another time.  It has been floating around calling for a companion work or a series to come forth. Now that the piece is present it asks me to determine a name.

Morning Ardor  – iphone Photograph – 2020

Spectacular Departure – Mixed Media, 17” x 15” – 2019


River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
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