“The camera is my heartbeat and the lens my eyes. “
-Ne-Dah-Ness Rose Greene

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Mashkawiziigag (They Are Strong) is an exhibition featuring the work of a Ne-Dah-Ness Rose Greene, an emerging BIPOC photography artist  from the Leech Lake Reservation. Her powerful images reveal the unscripted poetry of our human world.  

Going to places where people gather, she is a seeker of truth found in the emotions of those she photographs. Her portraits reveal the complexities of the human spirit and celebrate the strength of our survival. In her work we see the pride of ancestors and a future we hope for. Her view of the world is a gift in these complicated times. Watermark Art Center is honored to share her vision of a meaningful world.

Mashkawiziiwag “They are Strong”

Ne-Dah-Ness Rose Greene, Photographer
Miikanan Gallery

January 13 – April 24, 2021

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Mashkawiziiwag pronounced:
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Ne-Dah-Ness Rose Greene

Ne-Dah-Ness Rose Greene


“My photography is an extension of who I am. I capture my subjects through movement and light. People that view my work react with various emotions. My photos make time stand still, creating meaningful memories for people to cherish. The people that are captivated and impressed by my photos are the ones that continue to inspire, influence and motivate me to further master my photography skills.

“I work in various ways as a photographer, capturing movement and light that reflect the mood and energy of events, recording ‘a moment’ in landscapes, to portraits and details not always seen by others. I have been told I have “The Eye of the Tiger” and am grateful for this gift that allows me to share how I see the world.”

Greene is an emerging BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) self-taught photography artist from Leech Lake, Minnesota. She has been taking photographs in her communities for many years and continually challenges herself to reach further in refining her skills and diversifying her approach to this multi-faceted art media. Her social activism through art is important.

There is a sense of intimacy in her imagery that prompts a visceral reaction from her viewers,
evoking emotion and understanding through the moments and movement she captures.

Her talent is well known in the Indigenous world and she is regularly sought out to photograph important events and specialized photo shoots. The camera, various lenses and the right settings are all essential to producing her art. Her creative intuition and mastery of the camera has Ne-Dah-Ness rising quickly to the top of a very competitive art field.  It will be exciting to see the new directions and ever evolving way she reaches for new levels in her creative process – reaching people through the vision and ‘voice’ of her lens.

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