August 9 – Oct 25, 2019
Opening Reception: August 9 | 5 – 7 pm

Lonnie Knutson created in a myriad of mediums and subject matters for some 40 years, eventually landing in abstract. This exhibit includes acrylic and oil on canvas.

“The master artist was sitting on a swing on the front porch overlooking the vast golden meadow when a student walked up to him. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I see you are resting.’ ‘No,’ replied the master, ‘I am working.’ The next day the student encountered the master painting in that same meadow and he said, ‘Ah, I see you are working.’ ‘No,’ the master replied, ‘I am resting.’ 


FOCUS:  to concentrate on
For this work, I wanted to focus on one style of relatable paintings.  The underpaintings are different in shape, color, complexity or simplicity.   The over painting ties the work together.
EVOLUTION:  a gradual process in which one thing changes into something significantly different
This body of work has evolved when I began working in abstract with acrylic, followed by abstract with fabric dyes.  It has truly been an evolution. 
EXPERIMENTATION:  to try or to test
As I began the work, the underpaintings became less structured and more organic and I felt freer in the work.
HISTORIC:  veneration of the past or of tradition
I hope there is an homage to the past that comes through in the work
CONFLICT:  a disagreement with ideas, to clash with
This work is so intentionally busy and the total opposite of my more minimalistic personal style.

This project was made possible by a grant provided by the Five Wings Arts Council with funds from the McKnight Foundation