Congratulations to the 13th annual It’s Only Clay award winners.

Placement Awards:

FIRST PLACE: “Badlands” by Brad Bachmeier

SECOND PLACE: “Quicksand Servers” by Alisa Holen

THIRD PLACE: “Water & Sky Teapot” by Denise Woodward-Detrich







Harlow Purchase Awards:

“Zen Garden Sushi Set” by Marion Angelica

“Bulgy Graffiti Mug” by Nathan Bray

“Teapot” by Scott Dooley

“Quicksand Servers” by Alisa Holen







“Curvy Mug” by Liz Vukelic

“Firebox Pints” by Niko Weissenberger

“Flower Boat” by Julia Timm