Portrait of a Lake
    (Long Lake NE of Bemidji)

Exhibit November 11 – January 27, 2023
Reception November 11 from 5 to 7pm

Known for its interesting shoreline and reflective clear waters, fourteen community resident photographers created this 50 photo tribute to their beloved Long Lake northeast of Bemidji, Minnesota.

A message from “Portrait of a Lake” Artists:

In 2021 for the Long Lake Association (northeast of Bemidji), Dan Gartrell coordinated production of a booklet, “Living on Long Lake.” The great photos in the booklet made us think that we could do a group photo exhibit of our Long Lake. In the fall of 2021, we put out an invitation to the Association to submit favorite photos of the Lake. We received 111 photos.

With the assistance of John Schwartz, photographer for Bemidji State University, we submitted a proposal to Watermark Art Center, titled “Portrait of a Lake.” The proposal included a slide show of the photos submitted. In June, Lori Forshee, Executive
Director of Watermark Art Center, let us know the proposal was accepted for a three month exhibit at Watermark, from November 11, 2022, through January 2023. Lori worked with us to decide on the photos to be used in the exhibit.

The photos, mostly printed on canvas frames, are shown in seven groupings: Early Morning, Midday, On the Lake, Living Things Around the Lake, Winter, End of Day, and “In Their Words” —five photos by Carol Hoyem printed with the sayings of great naturalists and thinkers of our time.

The Project received sponsorship assistance in printing many photos from Roth RV and Northland Vapor and CBD. The proprietor of Northland, Brad Erpelding, is a resident of Long Lake and participant in the project. Thanks to both Roth RV in Wilton and Brad and
Sandra Erpelding for their generous gifts!

Artists include:
Dan Gartrell, Karin Snortland, Carol Hoyem, Barbara Lee Schueppert, Pat Grimes, Peter McDonald, Julie Gartrell, Brad Erpelding, Denny Carlson, Bill Beck, Rosie Hoyem, Mavis Olson, Rick Osmundson, Kathy Faver

Artist Bios

Bill Beck
Bio Statement: A retired electrical instructor, I have been taking photos on Long Lake for many years. I especially like taking photos of wildlife, around the house and from my trolling motor-powered fishing boat.

Denny Carlson
Bio Statement: Denny Carlson spent his career as part of the film production community as a director/cinematographer. He now is enjoying life on Long Lake surrounded by nature and learning the creative possibilities in the digital photography world.

Brad Erpelding
Bio Statement: I am nearly a life-long resident of Northern Minnesota and a 20-year resident on Long Lake. I am not a photographer, but Long Lake draws the need out in people to capture the beauty that it lays out on its natural canvas.

Kathy Faver
Bio Statement: I’m a mental health therapist who has lived in Bemidji since 1981. I’m married to Bill whose family has owned property on Long Lake dating back to the 1930’s.

Dan Gartrell
Bio Statement: As a kid I began taking photos with a birthday Brownie Hawkeye camera. Since moving here in 1968, my (now digital) photography has featured Long Lake. Under the name “Pretty Nice Outdoor Photos” I exhibited at the last three Art in the Park festivals.

Patricia Grimes
Bio Statement: A permanent resident on the shores of Long Lake for 55 years, I am a photo enthusiast who loves capturing shots of grandchildren, flowers and seasons.

Carol Hoyem
Bio Statement: I received my first “good” camera, a Canon FTb 35mm film camera about the same time I moved to Long Lake, 40 years ago. Since then I’ve spent countless hours viewing the beauty of the lake through a camera lens. The cameras have changed, but not the beauty of the lake.

Rosie Hoyem
Bio Statement: I grew up with my Mom taking photos, so photography was a natural for me. Now three generations of our family love the lake, and I am recording the memories for my little girl.

Julie Jochum Gartrell
Bio Statement: The beauty of Long Lake is a gift from God that never ceases to amaze me. I am just an accidental, grateful participant.

Pete McDonald
Bio Statement: Hobby photographer

Mavis Olson
Bio Statement: We have lived on the lake for many years. Some
of the best Long Lake photos I have taken are right outside, between
the house and the lake. We have large prints of photos from each season up in our home.

Rick Osmundson
Bio Statement: I enjoy randomly capturing the scenery and nature that is always available at Long Lake.

Barb Schueppert
Bio Statement: I lived on Long Lake for 23 years and my daughters grew up on The Lake. I continue to own property on Long Lake “just because” I want to continue my connection to this unique, remarkable place. My approach to photography is to capture moments to remember. Photographs are a window to the past and, as such, they create a connection between that moment and the viewer. A photograph I have taken has the power to transport me to that place, to that moment, and to resurface the emotion I felt at the time

Karin Snortland
Bio Statement: Since childhood, nature photography has connected me to something larger, more powerful than humankind. I find solace and comfort in the simple beauty of the Great Outdoors. Living on Long Lake provides me the perfect canvas for this passion.

Thank you to Portrait of a Lake sponsors:

Roth RV
Northland Vapor & CBD