AUG 19-21 Illustration With Procreate: Digital Painting Camp (ages 15+)

Date: August 19/20/21, 2024
Class Size: Minimum 8 Maximum 25
Age Range: 15 and up
Class Fee: member 120.00 nonmember 140.00
Class length: 1pm – 4pm

Camp Description:

Join professional illustrator, Nicholas Jackson, and explore your imagination to create digital illustrations with the app Procreate, from the initial idea to the final artwork.

“We all have an amazing imagination that needs to only be unlocked. Digital art making allows for quick ideation and easy implementation.”

In this course, learn how to create illustrations from scratch in Procreate app. Nicholas guides you through his creative process step by step, from the initial concept to the final artwork. Learn to use the tools and unique techniques of digital painting to bring your stories to life.

Additional Info to Participants:

Prior digital painting/drawing experience in Procreate or other drawing/painting apps is not necessary. However, basic knowledge of artistic concepts is helpful.

Materials List: (student provides)
• ipad or tablet
• Apple Pencil or Stylus
• Procreate App


About Nicholas:

Nicholas Jackson, portrait

Nicholas Jackson, portrait

Nicholas Jackson is a fantasy illustrator and painter. He aims to tell fantastical stories that spark imagination and fascination.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Nicholas has been creating his art for over 15 years. He decided it was time to bring these stories to the world to help bring sparks of imagination to anyone who sees his work.

His art is created to make you look at the world around you and see that there is magic in everyday things and everyday people. Inspiration is available to us all if we only stop to look and listen.