Making Meaning with the Everyday


Day/Time: March 23 / 1-3pm
Age Range: 15 and up
Class Fee: Sliding Scale (Pay what you can)

Class size is limited.
Please reserve your spot via form below or call Watermark 218-444-7570.

Join Watermark exhibiting artist Rachel Breen for this workshop which focuses on working with ordinary objects that are a part of daily life, then exploring ways to create works that convey these objects’ significance to us. Participants will engage with objects through disassembling, constructing, cutting, arranging, building, gluing, drawing, sewing, mending, decorating, and experimenting.

Additional Info to Participants:

Students will be asked to bring to the workshop things that are used in daily life. This should not be something that needs to be returned or be used afterwards. Ideally items should be used, not new. Students should try to bring multiples of things, for example 20 twist ties or 10 holey socks or 30 rubber bands. Things not to bring are perishables or disgusting items.

Examples of items to bring: used toothbrushes, twist ties, bread tags, paper napkins, paper cups, clothes hangers, t-shirts, socks, pencils, plastic bags, paper clips, safety pins, band aids, rubber bands, etc.