Recollections –These mixed media works were initiated as I began my artistic journey with the Big River Continuum. The subjects in the pieces primarily represent water and or my relationship to water. They are vignettes of various moments in time in particular locations, some physical some of the imagination. I decided to work with the scrap materials I have saved from various textile art projects over the years. They represent memory and reconstruction. Color represents a mood, a person, season, and are markers in time that acknowledge the emotions involved with each memory. Because textile and fiber art are times consuming, and some aspects are utilitarian process one’s thoughts can move around in many directions. So, what will happen in the process cannot be predicted. I work in a semi abstract fashion incorporating symbolism and color to assemble a story. I work with them in a painterly fashion and there is seldom a pre-planned design. It might be a form or color that the entire work is built around and often the memory comes to surface as the work is being created.


River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
Artist Bio & Statement


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  1. Rebecca Dallinger


    These are so beautiful! How do you decide on materials? Is there meaning to the stitchery like in Blue Waterways?

    • Karen


      I think there is meaning or memory in every element. I decide on materials either because I have a topic in mind and the elements used represent aspects of the memory. Or I just put fabric together that appeals to me and then the story arrives in the process of assembling the work.

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