Early this week, the literary community in our region lost an important member after the passing of poet and author Susan Carol Hauser. Susan was a strong advocate for the Arts and a participant in Watermark’s Spoken Word Series as both a reader and teacher. Our staff and board mourn the loss of our dear friend, and extend earnest sympathies to Susan’s family.

In our current exhibit, one of Susan’s poems is on display. The piece is part of a collaborative project. It includes a screen print image of a leaf by Marlon Davidson and an accompanying poem by Susan, all printed on handmade paper created by Emeline Cook. Our staff and board have been reflecting on this poem and how much it reminds us of Susan. In memory of her, we’d like to share it with you, as well.

Screen print by Marlon Davidson

Screen print by Marlon Davidson

by Susan Hauser

In the leaf
we can see the veins,
the roads
the channels
that reach back
to the stem,
the branch
the trunk

to roots
that spread
like arteries
into the chest
of the earth.

They draw water,

pulling it along
in a cellular journey,
feeding it
into the sky
that surrounds us,

then feed the sea,
the way rivers tap land,

the way the veins
that lace flesh
feed the ocean
of the heart.