A River Heart 

I have not lived a perfect life

but I live an honest one

most of the time

in the spaces

between love and reason

where precarious choices fall

to their destiny.


Staying honest no matter

how vulnerable 

it feels – knowing truth 

is capable of changing the story

to save itself 

from the burden of memories.

Survival has its own rules.


It is destiny that calculates

when we must release

promise and other drowning stones

to land soundly in the transient 

definition of a river  

always moving in order to exist.

Currently I wait

-nothing is asking this of me-

except my heart.





River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
Artist Bio & Statement


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    • Karen


      Oh thank you! Sorry it took a while to respond. I was not getting notifications for posts.

    • Karen


      Poems come to me in different ways. This was one that came from several different writing sessions. I have to go on a search for that one concept belonged with the rest of it. I was very satisfied with this one.

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