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We carry unique handcrafted functional items in addition to high quality fine art, such as watercolor paintings, photographs, sculptures, jewelry, mixed media collages, and more. Many of the artists who commission their work with Shop 505 have been previously featured in gallery exhibits.

Shop 505 Artists

Bill Smith, AM Soaps
Alice Strand, Greeting Cards from Alice’s Animals
Beverly Erickson, Glass Night Lights from Blue Heron Loft
Bambi Goodwin, Indigenous-themed Cards & Leatherwork
Barbara Jolly, Print and Handpainted Fabric Items
Butch Holden, Ceramics
Brian Miller, Music CDs
Colleen A. Hilts, Multiple Mediums
Christina Holland, Jewelry from Christina Holland Designs
Cindy Stenberg, Knitwear
Cari Tabor, Indigenous Quill Items
Cyrus Swan, Ceramics
Marlon Davidson & Don Knudson, Mixed-media Compositions, Painting
Don Wattenhoffer, Turned Live-edged Wood Items
Delina White, Clothing from I am Anishinaabe
Emily Derke, Birch Bark Items
Ev Sumsky, Basketry from Eve’s Weaves
Gillian Bedford, Painting
Gordon M. Coons, Prints
Gary Thomton, Wood items from River of Time Studio

Gordon Van Wert, Indigenous-themed Stone Sculpture
Hillary Kempenich, Indigenous-themed Multiple Mediums
Jeff Burger, Ceramics
Jean Forshee, Knitwear
Joan Wilson, Painting
Karen Goulet, Indigenous-themed Fiber Art & Jewelry
Kathy Sanders, Glass & Multiple Mediums from Sanders Studios
Kathy & David Towley, Cards, Wood & Multiple Mediums
Linda Banning, Jewelry from LB Originals
Lori-Forshee-Donnay, Knitwear
Marley Kaul, Literature
Monika Lawrence, Landscape Photography & Cards
Merilee Meyers, Jewelry
Mary Norsted, Jewelry from handlaget
Mary Terese, Hand-painted Silk and Cotton Scarves
Patty Lovegreen, Weaving & Felting, Jewelry
Patrick Riley, Wood Items
Paula Swenson, Painting/Prints
Sarah McRae, Indigenous-patterned Cards
Monica Hansmeyer, Jewelry from Seven Sister Design
Deanna Croaker, Indigenous Beadwork Jewelry from White Wolf Designs

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