May 16, 2024 “The Birds & the Bees”

WHEN: May 16, 2024 Doors at 6:30pm
WHERE: Bemidji Brewing, 211 America Ave, Bemidji, MN
THEME: The Birds and the Bees

Share tales of twitterpation, lessons learned and springtime flights of fancy for a chance to win cash prizes at Watermark’s upcoming Story SLAM, “The Birds & the Bees”, on May 16 live at Bemidji Brewing in downtown Bemidji. Story slams are free to watch and free to perform.

Stories must be true as remembered by the storyteller and told in 5 minutes or less without notes or props.

Storytellers are strongly encouraged to pre-register by calling Watermark at 218-444-7570. Same-day signups at the door are drawn from a hat if time allows. Doors open for sign-ups and audience at 6pm; performances begin at 7pm.

Originally recorded and produced by Michael Goldberg for Northern Community Radio’s weekly mix of story and song, “Stay Human”, with support from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund, listen to highlights from the August 1, 2023 Story SLAM “Close to the Edge” performed live at Bemidji Brewing in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Read this fantastic article from the April 15, 2023 Bemidji Pioneer: “Stories to Share; Watermark’s StorySLAM sparks local interest in storytelling” by Daltyn Lofstrom of the Bemidji Pioneer

Bemidji Area Arts EndowmentWatermark’s Spoken Word StorySLAMS are supported in part by the Bemidji Area Arts Endowment.

What Is a StorySLAM?

We want to hear YOUR story.

Watermark’s StorySLAM Series celebrates community, connection and the transformative art of storytelling. We are pleased to bring you exciting evenings of dynamic live entertainment inspired by nationwide storytelling programs like “The Moth Radio Hour”.

Watermark StorySLAM events feature true personal stories, shared live from memory, in a friendly competition where anyone with a tale to tell is invited to take the stage. Performers are encouraged to consider the THEME of each event when crafting their story.

StorySLAM events are free to attend and perform at, and cash prizes are available! Storytellers are strongly encouraged to pre-register by calling 218-444-7570. Limited same-day signups may be available but are not guaranteed. KAXE/KBXE’S “Northern Voices” open mic opportunity offers sign-up at the door, only.

StorySLAM RULES (No prizes will be awarded for the KAXE/KBXE “Northern Voices” special edition event)

  1. Storytellers are strongly encouraged to pre-register to perform. Events will each have 15 performance slots available. Same-day signups will be able to put their name in a hat, to be drawn from IF time allows (no guarantees)
  2. Stories must be true as remembered by the storyteller, told without notes or props
  3. All storytellers will be held to a five-minute maximum time limit
  4. Cash prizes will be awarded: $200 – 1st Place, $100 – 2nd Place, $50 – 3rd Scoring will be based on cumulative points awarded by five judges, selected from the audience.