These events accompany the exhibit, Gaa-miinigoowiziyang “What We were Given” on display through February 18, 2023. There is no registration or charge for these events.
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Storytelling with Mary Moose
Feb 3rd, 2023 6-8pm

Mary Moose is a first language Ojibwe and Cree speaker from Nishnawbe-Aski Nation, Ontario Canada. She was raised in the bush where she learned Ojibwe knowledge and values. She currently lives in Hinkley, MN and has worked as a language teacher, previously with her husband and now, with her sons. Mary has traveled throughout the United States and Canada to share Ojibwe stories. She has authored three books and dedicates her life to passing on Ojibwe knowledge and values. We are honored to have her share her stories with us here in our community.

Mary Moose
Mary Moose

Ojibwe Star Knowledge
Feb 4th, 2023 1-3pm

Mary Moose of the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation, Ontario Canada and Joseph Sutherland will share Ojibwe star knowledge and stories to accompany Anangoowayaan, the Star map on display in the Miikanan Gallery. Star knowledge is an integral part of understanding Ojibwe perspectives which honor and respect the connections we have with everything that exists.

Star Map on hide, 2022
"Anangoowayaan" Ojibwe Star Map