In these uncertain times the changing season is a welcome familiar.

I will be here instead of there, for the time being.
The Big River Continuum is my project.
isi-ziibi Detour is my inspiration.
-Karen Goulet

This morning I wanted to welcome the sunrise
from somewhere
other than inside looking out.

The sky was coated with a flat haze
pausing my movement and changing my plan.

The sun slipped up from the east
quietly and unannounced,
reminding me of the assurances
that are found
in humble continuation.

I remembered I needed to write something
for this new beginning
starting at the detour of what was
a very good plan.

Adapting in order to move forward, I steer a new course -continuing towards a destination that has been calling me for quite some time. It is not fully defined, but is this not often the case with art, poetry, and love? I will seek its source through new currents and curves, navigating through the uncertainty that now surrounds our daily life.

I will call in my ancestors
the nomads and voyagers
courageous seekers of the unknown
who trusted their hearts
and instincts
to find their way to new places of sustenance
and belonging.

It is in the hesitation of light pushing through the haze
that I see wisps of a certain blue
found only in the welcome of a new day
that understands
the language of the sun.
With gratitude and humility
I begin…

Misi-ziibi – A Great River

River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
Artist Bio & Statement