Kaul Gallery

Middle School Exhibit
June 7th to June 29th

Lakeview Gallery

WAC Members Show
June 7th to July 27th 

A multi-media exhibit featuring work by Watermark Art Center’s Artist

BSU Harlow | Kleven Gallery

June 1st through September 14th 

This exhibit is about interpreting the “landscape.” The works presented were created by
observations of the textures in nature, of light interacting with various land forms and other
visual cues.

Miikanan Gallery and Kaul Gallery

Photo by Angie Nistler

Nibikaang – From the Water July 8 – September 22.

Juried exhibit featuring work by artists living within the Mississippi
Watershed, Great Lakes or Red River of the North that explores their
relationship to water.

Rivers and watersheds are a metaphor as to how we are all connected. This exhibit will explore both the diverse perspectives and shared experiences that have been formed in this region, where water is so fundamental to our way of life.