Water Medicine


When thinking about water I am always carried to significant events and places where water is critical to remembering the story. For me water is medicine and a powerful healer of soul wounds. I know it has always been necessary to be near bodies of water in order for me to thrive as a human being. I have had a nomadic life that has brought me to many beautiful places and allowed me to encounter wonderful people along the way. This is of course my filtered version of a life story that is not always so loving and kind. However, the water has always been there to help me recover from anything I have put myself through. Whether it is the beautiful lakes I swim in, rivers I traverse or keep myself near, earth’s mineral waters, waterfalls, creeks moving through the landscape, swamps that provide medicines, oceans that humble, storms that feed us and feed the earth, I am always aware of the presence or absence of this powerful spirit. Water is life.  


These pieces are water stories that are not part of the Misi-ziibi story – at least not directly. But they are stories that are always with me.


They Went to Find Him – is for my son who currently lives in Hawaii. It is my impression of what I saw as well as a message from the ancestors and water spirits here that notice his absence.


Mermaid Medicine – is the new naming of a piece I already posted. It wants through transformation and therefore required a new name This is for all of the Mermaid Clan whose lives are tied to the water. In particular this is remembering my relatives who belong to Montana land and waterscapes.


Bending the Rainbow – is an acknowledgement of the summer storms that feed all sorts of horizons. The rainbow is a gift. It is a glimpse of the passion that exists between sky and earth. This is also a love shout to my friends who are part of the Rainbow Clan as we know it today. You know who you are.

River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
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