A soft voice masks the fierce currents

of desire and memory left behind –

in stories now told by shifting stones and river banks.

Forever bound and forever lost to each other

these forces

surrender what they cannot hold

to the river currents

that answer only to movement and change.


How do we find the rest of who we are- now lingering in the residue of 

other more tumultuous days.


The changing truth of our existence

finds clear and mutable reflections

in the countless lakes and rivers moving steadily

beneath sensuous skies-

their constant gestures render earth

into a damp landscape of prolific vegetation

and subtle terrain.

This evening the waters are radiant as they reflect  

everything they see-

a flowing story that somehow satiates the moments

of longing that rest silently between us.


Before it is too late I will tell you how the waiting has filled me today.


It is a relentless absence

the kind described

in the humid sighs of a heaven suspended

above the anticipation

of a dry earth 

calling to the summer rain it longs for.


Relief is a thick and sultry presence sensed long before its occurrence…


Ancient sounds spill into the landscape of my hunger

as a storm announce its intended arrival

with a resonance that assures

the inevitable rain

and turbulence it will bring 

-and yet at this moment

in a tenuous calm near the edge of the storm

it is the sun resting serenely on the water

that allows me to see the many reasons

we are still here…



River Siren Greets the Sun
The Origin
Karen Goulet
Artist Bio & Statement